Book Review: High Performance Operations

Author: Hillel Glazer
Published: 2011
Publisher: FT Press
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Acknowledgement :
I thank the author and the publisher for sending me a free pre-publication copy of this book and seeking an honest opinion of mine through this blog post. It has been a privilege to have read this book before it was released.

Book Review:
Many organizations treat compliance requirements like SOX, CMMI , FDA, ISO 9001, which are imposed on them either by clients or regulatory authorities as a necessary evil or a dead weight which needs to be endured as a hygiene factor to sustain their business.
But at the same time there are also some organizations (though in minority numbers) who have successfully leveraged the same compliance requirements to enhance their business performance and gained competitive advantage. The author Hillel Glazer has helped several such organizations to achieve this feat by creating process solutions that build compliance into the value stream using a system engineering approach.
This book provides the essence of this approach called Process Solutioneering (R) [ patent applied for by the author].

The author has primarily aimed this book at managers and executives. And it has found its mark right on ! The book can be a real eye-opener for them when they realize how compliance issues can be effectively leveraged to transform their operations to a high performing one provided they are willing to invest in terms of establishing appropriate leadership, culture, trust, autonomy, learning and communication system.
For read detailed review of this book visit Bookworm Reads:High Performance Operations.

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