Book Review: Understand Statistics

Author:     Alan Graham
Published: 2010
Publisher: Hodder Education

I am always on the lookout for good ideas to enhance my training and consulting approaches. Therefore I read from time to time, from a purely pedagogical perspective, introductory level books on the subjects which I am quite well versed with. The intention is to study the manner in which authors introduce the nuances of a subject to the novices. Statistics is one such subject.
While facilitating the implementation of high CMMI maturity level practices in companies I previously worked for, I felt that the project managers and senior level management need to have at least a basic knowledge of statistics to properly understand and use the metrics which such organizations churn out. I wish I had read this book then and recommended it to them. I must admit that even I learnt a few new things in this book.
This book is one of the best introduction to the principles of statistics I have ever read. Simple and easy to understand language; packed with practical examples and exercises and interesting stories revolving around statistics.
So if you want to learn statistics, start with this book !

For a more detailed summary of this book visit Bookworm Reads: Understand Statistics

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