Welcome !


I am Gopinath.

My mission is to enable my clients to achieve delivery excellence that delights their customers.

I can help you in creating, nurturing and institutionalizing  process solutions that are appropriate, pragmatic and value-adding to your organization.

I offer coaching, consulting, mentoring and training  services that are fully customized  to suit your requirements and aligned to your business goals.

The  process solutions developed  in collaboration with your organization will be based on a  pragmatic blend of  both Agile (for e.g. Scrum, XP, Kanban, FDD) and traditional process improvement frameworks (for e.g. CMMI, ISO9001, Six Sigma)  that will also meet your compliance and certification requirements.

To sustain and enhance the value of the process solutions we can work together to create and execute a result-oriented, iterative process improvement plan. This plan will have checkpoints  for progress monitoring and retrospective sessions scheduled at regular intervals  for identifying  action items for continuous improvement.

Feel free to browse this site to get to know more about my credentials; the consulting and training services I offer; my client engagements and  the testimonials from clients.

If I can be of any assistance to your organization please  contact me.

Look forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration between us.

Wishing You All Success !



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