Book Review: Delivering E-Learning

Author: Kenneth Fee
Published: 2009
Publisher: Kogan Page
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In this information age one cannot afford to keep away from the potential benefits which e-learning can deliver. However the subject of e-learning is still misunderstood and still accounts for only 10 % of all the training though its popularity seems to be on rise.
The author Kenneth Fee through this book presents a complete strategy of design, application and assessment of e-learning initiatives.
The focus of this book is on the process of learning rather than on the digital technologies that enable e-learning.
Quite a concise, well-written, introductory book on the e-learning strategy which also provides insights on how to manage e-learning effectively.
A MUST READ for every learning and development professional taking first steps towards e-learning.

For Chapter wise summary of the contents of this book visit Bookworm Reads: Delivering E-Learning.

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