Gopinath’s  strengths, I would say is not just about process consulting, CMMI, or Agile (all of which he does in a much more superlative way than most people I have come across) but in how he takes the expertise he has and “maps” it to the landscape of your organization to create sustainable and impacting solutions.”

Nandagopal Jayaram, CEO, CoStrategix Ltd.

“ Gopi brought plenty of real-life experience and creativity that helped the Scrum teams in Tesco with rapid Agile adoption. I found Gopi very detailed oriented and Result-driven coach. It was a privilege to work with Gopi and will surely recommend him for any future Agile & Project management assignments.”

 Hiren Doshi, Managing Director, PracticeAgile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

 “Gopinath is a great teacher with a wealth of Agile experience, knowledge and moreover the ability to explain it very well.

Yafoor Hussain, President & CEO, Waveaxis

 “Gopinath’s  dedication to quality and understanding of the software development practices always manifested into significant contributions, in every assignment he undertook and which I know about.
I have recently used his service to train our software engineers in Agile/Scrum methodology. Gopinath did an excellent preparation and very effective delivery of Scrum training. All participants (employees at Nykkos) were engaged proactively and learned the methodology well. Indeed, the knowledge acquired by our team through this training, formed the basis of implementing Scrum methodology for product development involving teams across India and UK.”
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Surajit Duttachoudhury, Founder & Managing Director, Nykkos Technologies

 “Gopinath  is a great coach and very easy person to get along with. He has a great ability to explain and guide the teams with ease on various concepts, his connection with the audience is authentic, caring and even entertaining”

Sharath P.M., Manager-Process Quality, ESI Group

 “Gopi  has a vast understanding of agile methodologies and process improvement in general, and sees “the big picture”. The most appropriate factor that I adore is he was successful in promoting and enhancing a collaborative work environment, plus created an environment conducive to discovery and achievement. As an agile coach Gopi was open, flexible, confident, friendly and focused, which is a genuine quality to be admired.”

Madhavan Karthikeyan, Quality Lead, ESI Group

 “Gopi is an ideal coach working quietly in the background. He was the go to person for all the teams in Tesco for any issues or concerns regarding agile. Making use of his vast variety of previous experiences, he gave valid, pragmatic suggestions on how to improve things”

Ashish Iddya, Project Lead & ScrumMaster, Tesco-HSC

 ”Gopi is one of the best agile-coaches I have come across. Gopi addressed various issues related to agile implementation and made suggestions to make the team work as true agile team. He understands the situation, the team dynamics and the organization dynamics to resolve the issues. His insights very helpful.”

Narasimha, Solution Architect, Tesco-HSC

 “Gopinath has strong capability for QA consulting and Sony India (SARD) could achieve to very difficult goals in 2010. I appreciate him very much. His strong points are not only QA knowledge but also executive ability which enables to change the conservative organization to creative one. It was surprising change for our organization.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Hasegawa Koji, Division Head, Sony India Software Center


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