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3 Pillars of a Retrospective

In my previous blog post, I made an appeal to treat retrospectives as sacrosanct and not to skip them. Here I will discuss the 3 Pillars of Retrospectives i.e. the critical success factors without which retrospectives will not be effective … Continue reading

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Retrospectives are Sacrosanct ! Don’t Skip Them !

“Practice makes a man perfect“. “Persistence is the key to success“. “Through practice even an idiot can become wiser“. These are all great sayings ! Sadly they don’t hold good if you are practicing or persisting with a wrong thing. … Continue reading

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Viewpoint : Process Mentors for Startup Companies

Startup companies operate in very uncertain and rapidly changing business environment.  Under such conditions delivering a high quality product in a timely and economical manner is crucial for obtaining tangible business benefits in terms of customer delight, revenue and profitability. … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: The 4 Ps of a Quality Assessment Framework

An effective Quality Assessment Framework must be holistic.It should address the four dimensions of Quality (the 4 Ps)  – the  Product, the Process used to develop the product, the People involved in developing the product and the Propellers i.e. enablers … Continue reading

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Viewpoint : FDD (Feature Driven Development) – A Low-hanging Agile Fruit

The term “Agile” has almost become synonymous with Scrum or XP. However there are several other methodologies under the Agile umbrella. These methods have varying levels of agility. Barry Boehm and Richard Turner in their book- Balancing Agility and Discipline: … Continue reading

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