Book Review: NLP for Rookies

Authors: Becky Mallery and Katherine Russell

NLP  (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a method for understanding and influencing the human mind. NLP can be a very useful tool for getting buy-in for one’s ideas and for ensuring desired actions from the people one interacts with.
This introductory level NLP book discusses:

  • How our mind is structured; how we process thought, create our habits and perceive the world around us; how to look upon life in a way that unlocks our choices and gains us access to the power of our own creativity.
  • The importance of having goals and how to map our way towards attaining them.
  • How the brain processes and interprets surrounding information through the various senses: auditory, kinaesthetic,visual, gustatory and olfactory (or hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell).
  • The importance of rapport building and the strategies for creating it.
  • The motivational elements of NLP; insight into our own belief structure, its limitations and its infinite potential; how and why our beliefs play a major part in our success and our failures; exercises necessary to begin changing this.
  • The metaprogram – how we sort, chunk, relate and respond to our experiences.
  • How to use the meta model to spot our own and other’s limitations and explore different ways of approaching situations, in turn opening up more choices and options for us.
  • How to manipulate and utilize the influential effects of language, creating words that will inspire, influence and create impact upon any targeted audience.
  • How vague language can produce influential effects upon its listeners, creating deeper levels of rapport and communication.
  • How to influence and recognize our internal states; how to access the tools required to influence and direct not only our own behavior but that of others as well.

The book is well structured, well-designed and written in a simple easy to understand language.  In each chapter the introductory section effectively sets the context. The keypoints made in the chapter are highlighted as “Rookie Busters” as and when they occur. Some simple NLP  exercises are also suggested.

Overall a fairly good introductory book on NLP, though I suppose there will be better ones in the market. Also the claim “From Rookie to Expert in a Week” on the cover of the book is undoubtedly a tall one in my opinion. Human mind is very complex . People have spent their entire lives in understanding it. A week is definitely not sufficient to become an NLP expert !

Nevertheless have a quick browse through this book if you want the bare minimum facts about NLP.

Book Details: Published:2009, Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Ltd., Paperback: 192 pages.

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