Book Review: e-Retailing

Authors: Charles Dennis, Tino Fenech and Bill Merrilees

e-retailing has transformed the market place over the last decade and a half.  This book explains the fundamentals of e-retailing and  provides the readers a basic  guide to the implementation and operation of a successful e-retailing business.  It discusses the following key issues and success factors of e-retailing :

  • The mix of tools and techniques that e-retailers can use to provide value for customers.
  • Integrating e-retailing into an organization.
  • Understanding the e-consumers and communicating with them.
  • Satisfying consumers’ information needs to increase sales.
  • Designing an e-store that is easy and enjoyable to navigate.
  • Encouraging the loyalty of an e-shopper.
  • Satisfying the consumers’ needs and wants for good service in a better manner.
  • Developing e-retail brands and integrating them with high street brands.
  • Benefits and problems for e-retailers of ‘locating’ under a single ‘roof’ or e-mall.
  • Assessing the suitability of products for e-retailing.
  • Problems and opportunities of retailing via mobile communication devices.

Written in a very well structured and easy to understand style this book contains several well researched real life case studies.  These case studies include – Amazon, eBay, McDonald’s, Nike, Nokia and Tesco.

The chapters which discusses the latest trends and future developments in e-retailing are outdated since this book was first published in 2004. There seems to be no updated edition of this book available. However apart from this limitation this book serves as a very good introduction to e-retailing business.

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Book Details: Published:2004, Publisher: Routledge, Paperback: 320 pages.
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