Agile Project Management with Scrum

Author: Ken Schwaber
Published: 2004
Publisher: Microsoft Press
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Scrum framework is simple but appearances can be deceptive ! Implementing Scrum in an organization is not a trivial exercise. The mindset of managing and executing projects in a traditional manner poses major challenges in effective implementation of Scrum.
This book contains over 20 real-world case studies drawn from author’s wide experience in implementing Scrum in the organizations he consulted. The problems described in these case studies are the ones which are typically encountered by the organizations who are in initial stages of Scrum adoption.
Hence I highly recommend this book for such the organizations since it can provide very useful insights and guidance to avoid the common pitfalls in their Scrum journey.

For Key Insights and Lessons from the Case Studies, visit Bookworm Reads:Agile Project Management with Scrum.

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