What The Customer Wants You To Know

Author: Ram Charan
Published: 2007
Publisher: Penguin Group
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This book by Ram Charan, an internationally acclaimed management consultant, is primarily targeted at Sales function in organizations.
The book highlights what is wrong with conventional approach of selling in most of the organizations. Sales force interacts mainly with customer’s purchasing department and the entire sales discussion revolves around price.
As per Ram Charan this alone will not ensure a healthy top-line growth of an organization. He proposes an approach called Value Creation Selling (VCS).
Ram Charan firmly believes VCS is the way an organization should adopt to get ahead of its competition for it fosters stronger customer relationships and results in long-term rewards in terms of market share and revenue.
An excellent introduction to VCS in a concise and easy to read format! Recommended for anyone who is in the selling business. This literally means everyone in an organization as per VCS !
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