The Secrets of Success in Coaching: 12 Ways to Excel as a Coach

Author: Mick Cope
Published: 2010
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
According to the author the coaching can be really successful only when the coach is truly competent, follows a client-centric coaching approach, has a deep sense of ethical responsibility and seeks to help the client deliver change that is of value and sustainable.
Through this book the author shares with the reader his years of coaching experience and intends to help them become a highly successful and competent coach.
The book offers a tool kit of 12 techniques to excel as a coach. Each technique is supplemented by a list of questions to ask the client. Answering these questions will develop a sense of self-awareness in the client which will be of great help in their professional or personal journey towards self-improvement.
The techniques described are simple and practical. However couple of them are somewhat idealistic in my view – for e.g. not to coach the clients who do not take ownership of their goals, objective of the coaching being to make the client self-reliant and not dependent on the coaches anymore.
Really noble intent ! But how many coaches follow this principle !
The book is elegantly written using a very simple language and in short self-contained chapters, so that one can read a chapter and apply the idea immediately with their clients. A real handy and concise guide which every consultant or coach will find useful.

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